Ein längerer Artikel ist Herring in heaven, es lohnt sich, ihn auszudrucken. Was wissen wir über die kommende Welt? Nathaniel Deutsch hat eine Geschichte darüber gemacht; sie ist im Guilt & Pleasure Magazin erschienen:

The first time my father died, he came back and told us what it was like to be dead — and Jewish. My father didn’t see a light at the end of a tunnel; he saw his ancestor, a famous rabbi known as the Hasam Sofer, who stood at the end of a long hallway and gestured for my father to join him. Although they had never met, my father had always had a close relationship with the Hasam Sofer, a Hungarian rabbi widely considered to be the founder of ultra-Orthodoxy. Having a noble yihus (lineage) was very precious to my father, and it gave him solace during the many difficulties he experienced after escaping from Europe during World War II. Along with his good name, yihus was the one thing that no one could take away from him and that he could bequeath to his own descendants. It was, in effect, a kind of immortality.

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