Nur noch wenige Tage bis „Unbeugsam“ in die deutschen Kinos kommt (siehe hier). Bemerkenswert ist die Beschreibung auf einer Website von Chabad über die Nachkommen der Bielskibrüder die sich den Film ansahen.

Growing up, people had often told the New Jersey girl that her grandfather Zus had been a hero. But the full extent of his valor didn’t hit the teenager until she saw it for herself onscreen. Jessica first saw the picture in a special screening for all of the Bielski family at the Jewish Heritage Museum in Manhattan last September. “We were all crying,” said Jessica, recalling the reaction of her aunts, uncles and cousins who attended the event. “But it was happy at the same time because it was finally on the big screen for the entire world to see. I loved it. It was amazing.” von hier


Today, over 20,000 people – who would have died or never would have been born – are alive as a result of their actions, said Jessica’s mother, Roz Moscowitz-Bielski. von hier

In einer Besprechung im Forward kommt der Film nicht so gut weg, der Autor Ralph Seliger kritisiert die Machart des Films

The awesome achievement of the Bielskis to save so many innocents otherwise doomed is cheapened by the image of Hollywood heroes mowing down the enemy, as we’ve seen before in scores of World War II movies. These real heroes had to kill at times, but their story deserves more than a war movie. von hier

und wird selber von Nachkommen der Partisanen kritisiert…

That was a true simcha, they had lived to see the day. This is a film , I repeat a film, the events that it is based on, did happen, I and my fathers Grandchildren live because of Tuvia Bielsky.his bros. Gary Resnik von hier

Die wenigen anderen Kommentatoren sind dankbar dafür, dass Juden nicht nur als hilflose Opfer dargestellt worden sind und das scheint mir doch im Zentrum zu stehen.