Das Magazin PresenTense ist eine neue, unabhängige Initiative aus New York. In der aktuellen Nullausgabe wird gezeigt, wohin die Reise geht. Nicht nur in die USA, sondern auch über die Grenzen der USA hinweg: Holland:

  • Between Dutch Success and Jewish Loss
  • Panama: New Life Along the Canal
  • Toronto: Off Bathurst Street

As an open marketplace of ideas, PresenTense seeks to serve young Jews by providing them with a space to encounter Imageand engender innovative ideas, initiatives and communities. Using three dimensions of engagement” print magazine, website and a writing workshop series ”PresenTense aspires to create a structured forum to channel the creativity and passion of the next generation of thought-leaders while exposing the larger community to emerging writers, thinkers and artists. This forum will also serve as an access point for young Jews to explore trans-denominational thinking and visions.

Zielgruppe sind jüngere Juden, die sich mit ihrer jüdischen Identität auch auseinandersetzen und wissen wollen, was um sie herum passiert:

The content of our pilot issue ranges from the local and everyday ”pieces on Bukharian-Jewish identity in Queens; a photo Imageessay from an Orthodox artist in Monsey; Jewish poor in New York; a secular Jew who’s Jewish identity is founded upon her experiences at a socialist summer camp ”to the global and exotic ”Jewish life in Panama and Holland; communities of Spanish descendants from the time of the Inquisition; a New Yorkers’ quest for community as a new immigrant living in Jerusalem. A feature on the Jewish blogosphere documents the impact of technology on community life and activism, while a review of a recent historical study re-examines the relationship between ethnicity, race and Jewishness.

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