In seinem Blog (The free West) beschreibt Leon de Winter (abermals) ein interssantes Faktum über den politischen Islamismus:

It’s always nice to see simple psychology at work. Especially projection. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a famous forgery, over a century old, produced by Russia’s secret police at a time when the tsarist regime had turned their focus on the Jews in order to divert attention away from their real problems. Moslem anti-Semites have picked up on the Protocols in a big way. The gist of the pamphlet is that the Jews have a plan to take over the world and are already carrying it out in secret. It’s a complete fantasy, but it’s beguiling because it can be used to explain everything that goes wrong. It takes one to know one, they say. And the idea that Jews want to rule the world could only have been invented by people who had already thought up the idea of universal dictatorship themselves… World rule is part of the Moslem creed. They make no secret of it and there’s no need for a Protocols of the Elders of Mecca to prove it.… The chairman of the latter is Ayatollah Ali Meshkini. At the recent opening of its 16th session he stated that “the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most legal form of government in the world and all its institutions, which are ruled under our redeemed leader, act on behalf of God. This has given us a special legitimacy.”

Wir haben es schon häufig gehört, das ging aber offenbar im Rhetorik-Lärm unter: Das Judentum wird beschuldigt, im Geheimen die Weltherrschaft an sich reissen zu wollen von einer Gruppe, die das in aller Öffentlichkeit macht und daraus auch kein Geheimnis konstruiert… das vermeintliche „Geheimnis” wird von allen geschluckt und aufgenommen. Die offensichtliche Wahrheit wird ignoriert oder es wird großzügig darüber hinweggesehen. Hauptsache man vermeidet jegliche Art von Auseinandersetzung.