Ich möchte auf ein interessantes Projekt aufmerksam machen:

“The first step of permaculture is observation and perception. What energy do you have? What materials are available for usage? What is fluid and what is static? Become a plant. What kind of water, heat, and air conditions do you need? Look around. Breathe. Absorb. Ask questions. Feel out the answers.

We depend on each other for those answers. All ideas are shared, complementing the previous or next. In this way, we are building. We are building community. We are building a farm. We are learning as we go. Experimenting every day. Making mistakes and appreciating the moments of awareness.

Together we are farming Israel, returning to foundation from exile, finding grounding in the haze of a dreamscape. We are unraveling the letters from their holy scrolls and making a huge mess of them all over the soil of the land. We are planting the letters and giving them the energy to reroot themselves, from the books into the soil. Some we will harvest and digest, others will bolt, the wind carrying her seed like ancient legends and myths newly created. The letters are not only plants and seeds. The letters are our own bodies. We are planting ourselves."Jewish Farm School: Shorashim

Was man braucht, sind fünf Monate Zeit (September bis Januar oder Februar bis Juni) und vielleicht etwas Enthusiasmus.