Menachem Mendel berichtet in seinem Blog über einen Artikel von Daniel Sperber (der häufiger für das Edah-Magazin schreibt):

Among the seemingly endless topics which Daniel Sperber touches upon in his Minhagei Yisrael, tefillin is discussed twice. First in vol. 4 he writes about ?????? ?????? (“round tefillin”) [pp. 137-142], and then in vol. 6 he discusses how the tefillin strap is wrapped around the hand and fingers (pp. 9-22, including a section by Shnuer [Sid] Leiman). Being aware of Sperber’s discussion only made it more interesting when I came across the following illustration in a book today. The book was The Reasons of the Laws of Moses from The “More Nevochim” of Maimonides. It is a translation from the Hebrew and Latin of part of the Guide to the Perplexed by James Townley and was published in 1827. (English Hebraica would like it, there are lots of “Rabbins”.) On the inside front-cover was the following illustration, apparently drawn by one J. Shury Sculp.

Ein bemerkenswertes Posting, das zeigt, dass es auch hier wohl verschiedene Minhagim gegeben hat; obwohl die Kastenform heute als die einzig denkbare erscheint.