Holocaust Rememberance Day. Originally uploaded by Romi S..

Mein vorheriges Posting scheint unmittelbar zu diesem Thema zu passen…

Den Text zu Jom ha Schoah aus dem Siddur „Gates of Prayer” lasse ich unübersetzt hier stehen; mit Sicherheit verstehen ihn die meisten Leser:

What can we say? What can we do? How to bear the unbearable, or accept what life has brought to our people? All who are born must die, but how shall we compare the slow passage of our time with the callous slaughter of the innocent, cut off before their time? They lived with faith. Not all, but many. And, surely, many died with faith: faith in God, in life, in the goodness that even flames cannot destroy. May we find a way to the strength of that faith, that trust, that sure sense that life and soul endure beyond this body’s death. They have left their lives to us: let a million prayers rise, let a million candles glow against the darkness of those unfinished lives.