Leon de Winter trifft erneut den Nagel auf den Kopf, diesmal in seinem Blog auf welt.de. Auslöser für seine Einsichten in die Verursacher der französischen Intifada (die wohl hier Vorbild für viele der Jugendlichen ist) ist ein Artikel in der niederländischen Zeitung De Volkskrant über Paris und ein kurzes Porträt eines jungen Mannes, der es erniedrigend findet, ein Postbote zu sein:

It had the following paragraph:

“Adama, a small, olive-colored young man dressed in a white djellaba that falls to his black sneakers, is continuously talking. He is 21 and works as a mailman. ‘I should be very happy with that, everybody says,’ he remarks ironically.”

What, indeed, is so ironical about that remark? Is it work that is below his social standing? What kind of amazingly terrible work is being a mailman that immediately brings the irony to the surface? And why does the reporter, whose voice is clearly present in the article, not comment on this irony? It is clear, a least to me, that Adama is doing his job out of necessity. Many people are doing that. But why would they denigrate the profession of a mailman? Why do young French Muslims – if I understand the irony correctly - feel that it is humiliating to be a mailman? Has Adama been training to be a brain surgeon? And now he is doing a job way below his educational level? Or does he have the fascinating expectation that he deserves whatever he wants because he is the son of Muslim immigrants, who have the right to be treated as superior because of their status as colonial victims and as devout Muslims? Does Adama really think he does not need to work his a*s off to succeed in society because he automatically deserves RESPECT?

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